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GetErrorDescription method


The GetErrorDescription method returns a text description of an xcdError, xcdWarning or xcdSkippingReason enumeration member.

This method is particularly useful in order to translate an error, warning or skipping reason code into English text in order to display a more detailed error than just the value of the error, warning or skipping reason code.

For example, to assign the description of the xerReadZipFile (505) error to a string, do this:

DescribeError = XceedZip1.GetErrorDescription(xvtError, 505);


DescribeError = XceedZip1.GetErrorDescription(xvtError, xerReadZipFile); 

Declaration ActiveX)  
Method GetErrorDescription(xType As xcdValueType, lValue As Long) As String                    
Declaration (DLL API)  
UINT XzGetErrorDescription( HXCEEDZIP hZip, xcdValueType xType, int nCode, TCHAR* pszBuffer, UINT uMaxLength )                    


Parameter Description
xType  This parameter determines the category (error, warning or skipping reason) for the value of the lValue parameter.
lValue  The value of the enumeration member to get a text description of.

Return values

Returns the string containing the text description. If a non-existent member value is passed in the lValue parameter, an empty string will be returned.



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